Defence & Security

Defence & Security

Terrorism and cyber-crime threats require modern and rapid means of prevention. Defence & Security was one of the key industries of 2017. 

At a time of high pressure on budgets, countries have to meet several challenges. Technology is making existing equipment obsolete. The trend is therefore for refit programmes (SCORPION programme). Joint equipment also makes it possible to reduce costs while reinforcing alliances for countries (European MALE drone project)

Terrorism has become the main security problem for countries in the 21st century. In this context, domestic security measures have been reinforced (state of emergency, Intelligence Act, border control).

Between 2012 and 2015, financial losses linked to cyber-criminality doubled in the United States, according to the FBI, and represented €3 billion in France in 2015 according to McAfee. In light of this, governments and companies have increased their cybersecurity expenditure. According to a recent study by PAC, sales of cyber security software and services will be nearly €3 billion by 2019.

ALTEN’s products and services in defence & security industry:

  • Air defence
  • Ground & Naval defence
  • Homeland security
  • Cybersecurity

Key benefits of ALTEN:

  • Almost 1,000 engineers serving Defence & Security at the end 2016
  • Recognised expertise as tier 1 supplier for industrials leaders
  • Dedicated and secured premises
  • Capacity to take ownership of transnational projects (France, Germany, Spain, UK, India)
  • Operations in India allowing it to integrate part of the offset markets of manufacturers