Automotive sector will focus its R&D efforts on three priorities: ramp up the development of electric vehicles, develop advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, and lastly, deploy mobility services.

The arrival of new approval cycles (WLTP, RDE, etc.) and regulations concerning emissions (Euro6c, 95g CO2/km in 2020) has pushed car manufacturers to step up the deployment of “electrified” powertrains (hybrid and plug-in hybrid).

There is also technological competition in the advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) market, as companies aim to develop fully autonomous cars. They are focusing their efforts on perfecting ADAS detection systems, artificial intelligence, vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication and vehicle to infrastructure (V2i) communication.

With the widespread access to smartphones, we are also observing the development of these new IT players of mobility services such as Blablacar, OuiCar or Uber (primarily start-ups). The automotive market was one of the first to launch a collaborative economy aimed at more accurately and cost-effectively distributing costs, including transportation costs. According to the consulting firm Ptolemus, this market is estimated to reach $350 billion by 2020.

ALTEN products and services for the automotive industry:

  • Electrical and electronic systems: Telematics, Infotainment, Security ADAS, Connected vehicles, Autonomous vehicles
  • Chassis and suspensions systems
  • Powertrain environment (engine and gearbox)
  • Management and oversight of QCDP projects (Quality, Cost, Delivery, People)
  • Manufacturing and Supply-chain

Key benefits offered by ALTEN:

  • Automotive industry is one of the key activities of our company. It‘s 22,1% of ALTEN's total revenue in 2017
  • More than 4,200 ALTEN consultants are actively employed in our subsidiaries in France and abroad for projects with the largest European manufacturers and automobile suppliers
  • The ability to mobilise resources, to engage in projects and rapidly adapt forms of delivery
  • Our expertise in specialised areas such as engine management and passenger compartment electronics (infotainment)
  • Our approach in this sector is both transversal (makers and suppliers) and international (France, Germany, Sweden, the USA, India, China)
  • We have special platforms for dedicated automotive solutions (e.g. in India or China)
  • Platforms are designed to support current and future ALTEN projects ranging from designing to developing new production centers