In ALTEN’s activities for the automotive industry, we focus on  R&D projects and innovations. We design and build electric and autonomous cars as well as integrated public transport vehicles. Our engineers also work on futuristic driver assistance systems (ADAS) and mobile services available to the driver and passengers.

We support our clients in the processes of acceptance and control (such as WLTP, RDE and others), as well as strict regulations on exhaust emissions (Euro6c, 95g CO2 / km in 2020), implementing advanced engineering projects in the field of building electric and hybrid vehicles.

We are a partner in the field of research on improving autonomous vehicles, including obstacle and object detection systems, artificial intelligence, vehicle-vehicle communication (V2V) and vehicle-infrastructure (V2i).

We offer

  • Electrical and electronic systems: telematics, infotainment, security ADAS, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles
  • Chassis and suspension systems
  • Powertrain environment (engine and gearbox)
  • Management and oversight of QCDP projects (Quality, Cost, Delivery, People)
  • Manufacturing and Supply-chain

ALTEN added value

  • The automotive industry accounted for over 22% of the revenues of the entire ALTEN group in 2017
  • Over 4,200 engineers are working on projects for the largest European producers and suppliers in this sector
  • Rapid acquisition of resources for projects, quick adaptation to the required forms of delivery
  • We are experts in specialized areas, such as engine management and passenger compartment electronics
  • We connect manufacturers and suppliers at an international level (France, Germany, Sweden, the United States, India, China)
  • We have specialized platforms dedicated to automotive solutions (e.g. in India or China), supporting current and future projects of development of new production centers

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