Over 30 years of experience has allowed us to create a unique environment for the development of technological projects in many industries.

Bankowość i finanse - ALTEN Polska

Banking and insurance

We support financial and insurance institutions in creating products and services that are a response to technological and demographic changes.


Our R&D activities focus on electric vehicles, autonomous, innovative driver assistance systems (ADAS) and mobile services.


We build IoT infrastructure and new networks (e.g. Sigfox, 5G) introducing digital innovations for our clients and groundbreaking changes within their organization.

Usługi media i elektronika ALTEN Polska

Multimedia & Electronics

We are at the center of the technological revolution that began with a rapidly growing group of users focused on mobile devices.

Defence & Security

We provide support in technology projects aimed at combating terrorism and digital crime.

Life Sciences / Healthcare

We are working on increasing the effectiveness of diagnoses and treatment in the health industry using connected objects (IoT) and analytical software (Big Data).

Metro Dubai transportation project

Rail / Naval

We digitize signal systems, improve on-board communication and optimize the production of our customers.

ALTEN renewable energy


We support the technological transformation of the energy industry, including the construction of new EPR NM reactor models, diversification of energy sources and the development of synergies with other industry sectors.

ALTEN at work

Aeronautics & Space

We are a global partner of the largest producers of the aerospace industry. We implement innovative solutions improving the efficiency and safety of aircraft, artificial satellites and space rockets.

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