Cookie Policy


1. The Service uses cookies technology under the following conditions.
2. Cookies are to be understood as information data stored in the end devices of Visitors, designated for using websites. Cookies may include session or persistent cookies and may use technologies such as JavaSript or Flash. These files allow for recognising the Visitor’s device and display the website of the Service accordingly, in a way adapted to the Visitor’s individual preferences.
3. Cookies used within the Service are:
(a) “necessary” cookies – enabling the use of the Service’s features and functions, supporting the session and authentication files,
(b) “functional” cookies used by the Controller in order to personalise the functions of the Visitor’s website, for instance remembering the Visitor’s settings such as consent for using cookies,
(c) “analytical” cookies – monitoring the activities of users on the website, collecting data about them and allowing the Controller to improve the website and better adjust it to the Visitor’s expectations,
(d) “security” cookies – used for discovering abuses and to guarantee the safe use of the website for all users.
4. Cookies are used by the Controller exclusively upon the Visitor’s consent.
5. The decision on granting consent for sending and using cookies by the Controller must be made immediately upon entering the Service. If the Visitor agrees for sending and using cookies by the Controller, the Controller will have access to cookies saved on the Visitor’s computer during the next use of the Service and this will allow the Controller to facilitate the use of Service and to adjust it to the Visitor’s needs and individual preferences. If the Visitor does not agree for sending and using cookies by the Controller or decides to remove them or block them afterwards, some areas or functions of our Service may be unavailable or the use of them may be more difficult. In order to make changes the instructions must be followed, available at “Help” in the Internet browser’s menu.