Life Sciences / Healthcare

Life Sciences & Healthcare

The health industry is increasingly using connected objects (IoT) and analysis software (big data) to optimise the effectiveness of medical diagnosis and treatments.

2016 was particularly significant for the e-health sector. According to the 2016 report of the business consulting firm, Grand View Research, the global health sector will invest nearly $410 billion in IoT (Internet of Things) devices, software and services in 2022, while the value of this market in 2015 was $46 billion.

Several leading pharmaceutical groups have created partnerships with digital technology giants: GSK with Alphabet, Sanofi with Google, or Johnson & Johnson with IBM. Drug manufacturers are thus trying to analyse the results of their molecules on their patients in the clinical study phase and monitor their behaviour.

According to a survey by IMS Health, the global pharmaceutical market should exceed $1,400 billion (€1,230 billion) in 2020, compared with $350 billion in 2015. This increase is driven by the needs of developing countries, in particular for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and contagious diseases. Pharmaceutical industries are also going to have to innovate or count on biotechs, as their patents expire, since the last “golden decade” of drug discovery was 1990-2000.

ALTEN’s products and services in life sciences & healthcare industry:

  • Pharmaceuticals: clinical studies coordination, regulatory affairs, new installations conception, industrialisation, pharmaco-vigilance
  • Medical sector: software development, design & conception, e-health, regulatory affaires

Key benefits of ALTEN:

  • More than 1000 engineers working for the industrialists of Life sciences at end 2016
  • A strong control on the scope of medical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Production: engineering, quality, production and information systems
  • An international presence (France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, US) to support the big actors of the healthcare sector
  • A significant expertise in IT , essential to accompany the sector’s technological transformation