Key sectors of ALTEN activity

Over the years our company has created an unique working environment for professionals in many engineering and technology industries. We specialize in the following sectors:


Banking, finance and insurance companies are right in the middle of technological, demographic and social transformations that require them to redefine their products and services. 


Automotive sector will focus its R&D efforts on three priorities: ramp up the development of electric vehicles, develop advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, and lastly, deploy mobility services.


Investment in infrastructure (IoT) and in new networks (Sigfox, 5G, etc.) underlines the company’s digital breakthrough. 

Multimedia & Electronics

Accelerated by a growing demand for mobility by users, the multimedia and electronics industry is in the throes of a revolution. We help companies to adapt to dynamic changes and respond to rapidly evolving customer needs.

Defence & Security

Terrorism and cyber-crime threats require modern and rapid means of prevention. Defence & Security was one of the key industries of 2016. 

Life Sciences / Healthcare

The health industry is increasingly using connected objects (IoT) and analysis software (big data) to optimise the effectiveness of medical diagnosis and treatments. 

Rail / Naval

This sector is seeking to improve its competitiveness with the digitisation of signalling systems, on-board connectivity and the optimisation of production to cope better with increasingly present Chinese competitors.


The industry is preparing for technological transformation: new models of the EPR reactor (EPR NM), diversification & renewable energy, synergies with automotive and telecoms sectors.

Aeronautics & Space

In a context of high-growth, companies in the aeronautics sector are faced with a large number of challenges. In the space sector, competition between the United States and Europe fosters innovation and investment.